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I want me to be healthy with body-friendly dishes

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I will give you an experience you can only know at “Gozukon”.


Part 1Hospitality with body-friendly Japanese cuisine
The fragrance of "sesame" released from small grains Rich flavor of plump beans The taste of "kelp" that keeps the nourishment of the tide Scattered these three ingredients that are comfortable to the Japanese body in the dish, We are handmade with a single article and one article. To customers who will return, "The body seems to be beautiful" "The body seems to be pleased" It is our pleasure to receive such a word.

Part 2A calm space that makes the food more delicious
It is decorated warmly, you can feel warmth of wood. Also for customers who came for the first time, We try to create an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and pleasant. Take off your shoes and get relaxed comfortably, diggered tatami floor. It is a table seat recommended for meals with a casual feeling, a year-end party around 18 people, a New Year's party. Counter seating that is suitable for customers who slowly or alone for two people. For dinner with important customers, for family meals with small children A dinner on the second floor. We have four types of space available.

Part 3Natural flow not to type "Gozukon food"
Cooking class Cooking chief with a background of lecturer. Now I am studying with a deceased cooking researcher Toshihiko Kato. While being Japanese, not to be concerned with Japanese style tailoring, Essence of western style or Chinese style is also plus a bit. I would like to make a dish that you can enjoy. The photo shows "Tuna pickled pickled tofu sauce" Popular tuna sashimi since opening. Among the smoothly sourced tofu are the sesame paste and the salt kelp minced into the surroundings. The source of Kuen Kun is exactly what makes the tuna taste better.

Seasonal cooking classes in progress

I will teach you the points of Gozukon cuisine. There are plenty of hints of everyday table and hospitality cuisine. 6 ~ 7 items Demonstration and seeing tasting. If you like cuisine, people who like to eat Please do not hesitate to visit everyone of young and old.


【Noon class】11:30 ~ 13:30
【knight class】18:00 ~ 20:00
【Tuition fee】¥5,400(tax included)

For schedule, please contact us from this phone 052-232-1088


Rakugo / music live holding
At Gozukon, we regularly hold events such as rakugo, music live etc.
We are having fun with the meal of Gozukon.


Manager・chefNakanishi Atsuko
I am from Matsusaka city, Mie prefecture. After graduating from the Faculty of Education at Mie University, after studying at the Institute for one year, change jobs. Worked for 18 years as a lecturer at "Newcoming Cooking School". Studying with cooking researcher Toshihiko Kato. Meanwhile, cooking production of TV cooking section, TV commercial, cooking book etc. Business cooking workshops, supervision of cooking dramas, etc. At the same time as opening Ku Kook, he worked as a manager. Toshihiko Kato After defeat, he keeps Kuonchuen as a chef. A seasonal cooking class is also in session. Currently, he is appearing at the cooking section of Tokai Radio, Gifu Broadcasting. I would like to make a dish that my heart and body will be pleased to make my guest feel better "Aiming for a store that you can say that you will be fine and something fun when you go to Kuon Kuon, I am making efforts day by day.

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Street address 2-1-19 Marunochi Naka-ku,Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 460-0002,Japan
TEL 052-232-1088
business hours 11:30~22:00
Regular holiday Sun・public holiday・On the third Monday


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