Private policy

GOZUKON (It's called "us" in the following.) sets a private policy (It's called "this policy" in the following.) as follows about handling of private information in the service offered on this website (It's called "this service" in the following.)

The 1st article (private information)

"Personal information" over the private information is the information about the individual who makes "personal information" something to point and lives I say to a personal information protection law, and I point at the information from which a specific individual can be distinguished by description of the name, the date of birth, the address, the telephone number and the phone number included in information concerned and other things. Something besides "personal information" to set as the above is called home of private information "Historical Information and special quality information", and points at the service you used, the history of the goods you bought, the page you saw and the bill and identification information on the search key word by which the user was searched for, the use date and time, the way you're using, the use environment, the zip code, the gender, occupation, the age, the user's IP address, cookie information, position information and a terminal.

The 2nd article (collection method of private information)

When the user does use registration, we'll ask you personal information of the name, a date of birth, the address, the telephone number, a mail address, the bank account number, the credit card number and the driver's license number. With the user and a partner, while, a record of dealings including the user's accomplished personal information and information about a settlement are collected from our partner (Dissemination of information, a yuan, a sponsor and an advertisement delivery destination are included. I say a partner in the following.) etc.. When the user uses service of us and a partner or reads a page, we collect Historical Information and special quality information of used service, software, the history of the bought goods, the read page and the bill and identification information on the search key word for which we searched, the use date and time, procedures, the use environment (All kinds' setting information on the occasion of the communication situation of the terminal concerned when using it through a handheld unit, and use is included.), an IP address, cookie information, position information and a terminal about the user.

The 3rd article (the purpose of collecting and using personal information)

The destination where we collect and use personal information is as follows.
(1) the purpose which indicates information about the name, the address, the phone number and the price of the registration information on a method of payment, the used service, the bought goods and those because I have the user read the reading of registration information, correction and use conditions
(2) the purpose of using phone number information on the name and the address because I send goods to the case when a mail address is used and the user and make a contact as the need arises to make the news and the contact the user
(3) the purpose of using information on the name, a date of birth, the address, the telephone number, a bank account number, the credit card number, the driver's license number and an arrival result of the mail with a delivery proof to do the user's person himself confirmation
(4) the brand name which was bought to charge the user the price and the purpose of using information about payment of the quantity, the kind of used service, the period, the number of times, the amount charged, the name, the address, the bank account number and the credit card number
(5) I make an input screen indicate the information registered with us, and to make sure that the user can input data handily other service (is also included in something a partner offers) based on the user's directions, the purpose of forwarding
(6) the purpose of using a use state and the information for the name and the address to specify an individual because I'll decline use of the user who violated a term of service of this service and the user who tries to use service at an unjust unfair destination such as I delay, and making payment of the price bring about damage for a third person
(7) the information which it's needed when we offer service to information about a question and a charge for the price to the user to correspond to a question from the user, and the purpose of using the user's service use conditions and phone number information (8) the purpose which accompanies the use purpose above-mentioned

The 4th article (third person offer of personal information)

We don't offer personal information to a third person without next getting the user's consent beforehand except for the case put up. But, the case when a personal information protection law and other things is admitted by decree is removed.
(1) the occasion based on the decree
(2) when it's when there is need for protection of the life of the person, a body or goods, to get one's own consent, and difficult.
(3) when it's when there is need in particular for promotion of improvement of public health or child's sound upbringing, to get one's own consent, and difficult.
(4) when a national engine, a local public organization or the person who received t

The 5th article (elucidation of personal information)

When elucidation of personal information could be asked from the person himself, we elucidate this promptly to the person himself. But, when not elucidating the all or part and doing the decision which isn't elucidated when coming under next one of them by elucidating, I notify of the effect promptly. Further, a handling charge at 1000 yen for 1 case is received when elucidation of personal information.
(1) when there is a fear that the life of oneself or the third person and the right profit of the body and the goods and other things are hurt.
(2) when there is a fear that a remarkable trouble is exerted on proper implementation of our business.
(3) and other things when I violate a decree.
I won't elucidate as a principle about information on anything but personal information of Historical Information and special quality information in spite of decision of the preceding clause.

The 6th article (correction of personal information and elimination)

When own personal information we possess is wrong information, the user can charge correction of personal information or elimination to us by the procedure we set. Receiving a bill of the preceding clause from the user, and when judging that it was necessary to meet the charge, promptly, we do correction or elimination of personal information concerned and notify the user of this.

The 7th article (use stops of personal information)

When a stop of the use or erasure (It was called "use stops" in the following.) could be asked by the reason that personal information is treated beyond the reach of the use destination from the person himself or the reason that it was acquired by the unjust means, we do a necessary investigation promptly, and do use stops of personal information and notify the effect person himself based on the result. But, the occasion with the costs which are a large amount for a use stop of personal information, besides, when it's when it's difficult to do use stops, and you can take the measures which should take the place of necessary this to protect one's own right profit, this alternative policy is taken.

The 8th article (change in the private policy)

We assume that it's possible to change it without notifying the user of the contents of this policy. We assume that a private policy after change comes into the force from the time carried in this website except for the case we set separately.

The 9th article (question desk)

Please inquire about this policy to the following desk.

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